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About us  

Fushun TIANZE machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company for furniture,doors windows, cabinets, bath cabinets, decorative materials other furniture, building materials manufacturers to provide flat special-shaped coating equipment auxiliary equipment.Our company integrates product design, R&D, production sales in one,dedicated to manufacturing exporting woodworking machinery equipment as well as other specialized manufacturing equipment.At present,GUOSEN coating line series, our company manufacture vacuum spraying machine series edge coating line series, have been sold to different countries regions.Our company could provide a series of services, such as product design, modification, old equipment renewal, maintenance so on according to different requirements for every customer.Customers are center,we develop new products according to customers' needs.
Our products:
A.Plane coating line series:
Roller Coater,Curtain Coater,UV Curing Machine,Ser,Spraying Machine,Longwave IR leveling,Air Jet Dryer,Belt Conveyor,Roller Conveyor,Right-angled Turning Machine,U Turning Machine,Automatic Feeder,etc.
B.Irregular coating line series:
Profile Modeling Roller Coater,Vacuum Spraying Machine,Edge Coating line,Vacuum Edge Spraying Machine, UV Curing Machine-Profile Modeling,UV Curing Machine-Three Dimensional,UV Curing Machine-Edge,Ser-Line,Ser-Profile Modeling, Ser-Round Stick,Ser-Unilateral,Ser-Edge,etc.
C.Automatic up down feeding equipment:
Automatic Lifting Platform,Automatic Upper(Lower) Feeder,Automatic Turnover Machine,Transfer Machine-Mechanical Arm,Hacking Machine-Mechanical Arm
D.Sales of the br:
E.Accessories supermarket:
The parts for Roller Coater,UV Curing Machine,Ser,etc.
Business philosophy:
Product philosophy:
Management philosophy:


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